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It just sits there in the corner and keeps its mouth shut.

9 December
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My name is Michelle and my lifelong goal is to live in as many places as possible while avoiding any state that was part of the Confederacy. (Okay, that is not technically true, I’d gladly live in Baltimore or many other places.) I grew-up in a suburb of Los Angeles called La Crescenta and have been migrating to colder climates ever since. I went to college in Tacoma, WA, and remained in in WA for well over a decade. Then, two weeks before 9/11, my fiancé (now husband) and I moved to Boston, MA, where we fell in love with the city in all it's beautiful imperfections. We adored the people, the culture, the history, and the food - pretty much everything but the cost of living!
Currently, we live near Taos, New Mexico, and the once-famed commune of New Buffalo. We're part of a sustainable agriculture project and helping to create an educational center here.
What else can I say about myself? I’ve had many jobs including high school teacher (English/History and Drama), Borders employee (Tacoma, Boston and Cleveland Heights), Assistant to the President and Purchasing Manager of a small computer firm, paralegal, and farmer. I’m happily married to Andrew and have an elderly can named Emma.

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